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Retailers Are Battling Honor-All-Payments It was something that was bound to happen. The battle between merchants and major card brands has been building up for months now, with each new situation leading up to the heated climax on Thursday, when an advocacy group for big-box retailers condemned that a new twist on network rules was…
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MasterCard joins Visa

MasterCard joins Visa in Easing EMV Testing and Chargebacks for Merchants Following the steps of Visa, Mastercard Inc. is releasing on Monday a new policy aimed at speeding up the testing and certification of EMV chip card terminals at U.S merchant locations. The new change the company is making to their policy will allow the…
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Windows Mobile Wallet

Microsoft Introduces a Windows 10 Mobile Wallet With NFC Capability Microsoft Corp. has ventured into mobile-payment territory on Tuesday by announcing it is making near-field communication capability available on Microsoft Wallet for in-store transactions. This program is compatible with Microsoft’s Windows 10 Operating System. For now, this new form of payment is restricted to the…
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Latest News

Latest News In Digital Transactions   USA Technologies Inc. released a study which showed that promoting Apple Pay on its contactless vending terminals resulted in a 26% increase in overall sales transactions and an 89% increase in revenue. Walmart Pay, the smart phone-based payment service was launched by Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama…
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