POS Systems

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POS Systems

If you’re involved in the hospitality industry, you’re probably struggling to find the right POS software for your business. The ideal POS software choice will increase efficiency, minimize, errors, and maximize profits.

At Netcom PaySystem, we offer state-of-the-art POS software. Our customizable options will allow you to modify everything from menu cycles to specific client accounts and preferences.

Enterprise and chain management

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Learn More About Our State-of-the-Art POS Software:

  • Design – With visual elements never seen before in the hospitality industry, AVRIO’s innovative table management functions include zoom, sectioning, real time floor plan rotation, and graphical demographic tracking. Virtual guest assignments in conjunction with AVRIO’s drag and drop technology create a one-of-a-kind visual ordering experience for restaurant staff.
  • Customizable – AVRIO adapts to your business by giving you the tools to easily customize the look and feel of the system. Fully customize color schemes for all screens and the appearance of buttons including size, position, font, color, and shape. Save and apply ‘My Favorites’ to multiple button simultaneously.
  • Menu scheduling and menu cycling – AVRIO offers a highly flexible menu management solution adaptable at the chain level, store level, revenue center, or individual terminal. With one combination of schedules, easily manage the menu cycles and scheduled for multiple revenue centers in the same property.
  • Quickly modify daily, weekly, or monthly menus on the fly without disrupting the entire rotation. Menus for special occasions such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day can be added and scheduled at any time.
  • Demographic tracking and client accounts – What do women order the most? What beverages do men prefer, on certain days, in particular outlets? AVRIO offers client gender and age-based statistics that allow managers to make well informed decisions. Once a guest is assigned to a seat, that seat can be assigned to specific client records.
  • Enterprise and chain management – A compelling solution for multi-store and chain organizations, AVRIO produces metrics, analytics, and tools necessary for your company to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing industry. AVRIO offers an extraordinarily dynamic view of your restaurants’ operations through unique pivot reporting and dashboards. Drag and drop or drill down to display the information that matters. Manage the entire menu from corporate and push changes in real time or through a schedule to each store.