Standard Terminals

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VeriFone Vx510 Terminal

The Vx510 countertop terminal offers a robust, secure, and convenient payment solution.  It boosts a full range of payment and value-added capabilities built into a sleek, simple-to-use device. Efficient processing and a high-speed thermal printer reduce transaction times down to mere seconds.  **Available Dual Communication Model allows transactions to process over a high-speed internet connection.





  • Process via phone line or Ethernet cable
  • PCI PED and EMV approved security
  • Generates multiple revenue streams (check, gift cards, loyalty, etc.)
  • Up to 6 MB internal memory (depending on model)
  • Built-in PIN Pad for debit card processing
  • Large backlit display
  • Compact footprint saves counter space
  • Intuitive, ATM-style interface
  • Drop-in paper loading virtually eliminates paper jams
  • The complete solution for Quick Service Restaurants