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A POS System You Can Rely On

Isn’t it Time You Ran a Smarter Business? More than just a point of sale. Reporting, analytics and support that will take your business to the next level.

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ShopKeep is trusted by more than 10,000 small business owners to run and grow their businesses. Simple to set up and easy to use, ShopKeep is a powerful POS system designed to help you get the data you need to make smarter business decisions.

Why Choose iPad POS Software

Using point of sale software on an iPad will help you grow your business and increase your revenue. ShopKeep’s POS App allows you to ring up sales, track inventory, and manage employees, all from your iPad!


Our iPad POS is designed to be fast and reliable at any volume level, including across thousands of transactions per day. We focus on making the transaction simple so you can focus on your customers. Color code your buttons, customize your layout, and use built-in modifiers to increase the speed of your transactions and simplify employee training. Let your customers sign directly on the screen to save money on paper. Keep Lines Short and Quickly Ring Up Sales. Add items to any order by tapping, searching by name, or using a barcode scanner. Need to customize an order? Use modifiers to offer exactly what the customer wants, like say extra bacon on that medium rare cheeseburger. And then print that order remotely to the bar or kitchen. You can also easily adjust item quantities or apply discounts on the fly at the item or order level.

Inventory Management

Save time and manage your entire inventory, including pricing and quantities, in one place. Easily add and track everything you sell with detailed item- and department-level reporting, including alerts when supplies are low. ShopKeep lets you quickly add, receive, and modify inventory, freeing up time for more important things than stock counts. Plus, you can even customize your iPad button layout to increase transaction speed and simplify employee training.

Powerful Reporting and Reordering Capabilities

ShopKeep’s inventory reporting puts you in complete control, allowing you to see where you can be more efficient, including inventory triggers so you know when to reorder any item. Running out of something too quickly? Study sales data to know exactly how much to order next time.

Ingredient-Level Info with Raw Goods

Track individual ingredients that aren’t sold separately with raw goods functionality. Imagine knowing how many coffee beans and how much milk goes into each latte to help you keep your supplies at just the right levels.

Bulk Import and Update All Your Items

Manage a large inventory with up to 10,000 SKUs accessible via bulk import and barcode scanner. Add or adjust thousands of items, including item-level tax rates, with a single spreadsheet. For individual changes, edit your inventory any time from your BackOffice.


Business Types

Restaurant POS

ShopKeep offers everything you need to effectively place orders and take payment directly at the table. Start printing tickets to the kitchen, and sending drink orders to the bar to speed up your service. Track what your customers order and develop better relationships. Turn your tables quicker and increase your daily revenue with ShopKeep iPad POS software.

Retail POS

Track your entire inventory, including pricing and quantities, and get reorder alerts when levels run low. Plus, find items quickly at checkout with barcode scanner integration. Make better decisions with sales data that’s always accurate and available, both online and on your phone. Break down sales by department; track top-selling items, and much more. Easily capture each customer’s name and contact info with every sale, allowing you to stay in touch with them and better understand their purchase behavior.


ShopKeep’s intuitive interface makes it easy to ring up sales, add drinks to existing tabs, and split checks in an instant. Even a crowded bar on a Saturday night is no problem for a system trusted by thousands of high-volume businesses every day. Bars stock hundreds of different types of wine, beer, and liquor. With ShopKeep’s point of sale software, you can know exactly how much you sell of each, even down to the raw goods that go into cocktails. It makes reordering supplies a breeze. ShopKeep offers all the key features you need to run your bar on a reliable, secure, and attractive POS system.

Quick Service Restaurant POS

Easily track sales with cloud-based reporting and know when to order supplies with inventory management. ShopKeep’s POS app is built for speed, efficiency, and reliability, offering a system you can trust during peak periods when customers are clamoring for food at your restaurant. The ShopKeep app is so easy and intuitive that new employees will start managing the cash drawer and ringing up sales in minutes.

Other Business Types

ShopKeep also works with:

  •     Food Trucks
  •     Bakeries
  •     Vape Shops
  •     Wine Shops
  •     Liquor Stores
  •     Cafés


Choose POS Software that will help you run a better business. Avoid the hassle of manually tracking, quickly capture customer info and track employee hours. Start saving time and money with Netcom PaySystem today.