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VeriFone Pinpad 1000SE | Netcom PaySystem Merchant Services

VeriFone Pinpad 1000SE

VeriFone Pinpad 1000SE

Evolution never looked so good with VeriFone’s highly-ergonomic PINpad 1000SE, which offers a fast and simple way to accept the latest in both PIN-based and contactless payment. Fully backwards compatible with the previous PINpad 1000SE and the NURIT 222, it’s a simple upgrade solution for merchants with those devices who need to meet the new PCI PED security standard.

It’s also an ideal drop-in replacement that makes implementation trouble-free and virtually effortless. Plus, it supports a wide range of payment and non-payment contactless applications that are certified for global use, and takes advantage of SingleCI, a standard application protocol that protects and leverages your investment in contactless.


Now VeriFone’s best-selling PINpad 1000SE is an even more versatile solution for a variety of payment environments. With a revamped ergonomic design, the PINpad 1000se combines two complete peripheral solutions, built-in contactless technology for payments at the wave of a hand and a reliable PINpad for secure PIN-based transactions, into one powerful handheld product. The PINpad 1000SE easily connects with a variety of POS terminals of POS terminals or ECRs, as well as a choice of USB or serial connectivity.

VeriFone’s advance contactless architecture VeriFone’s advanced contactless future-proofs your investment with SingleCI, (single contactless interface), a SoftSAM and side-by-side application architecture.