Paper Guarantee

Paper Guarantee

Paper Guarantee
Safe. Simple. Guaranteed.
What is Paper Guarantee?

Paper Guarantee enables merchants to accept checks at the point of sale. During face-to-face transactions, verification and authorization are obtained for a swift approval or decline. Merchants manually deposit the paper checks at the bank and receive guaranteed funding. It’s a fast and simple solution to increase revenue.

Increase sales and customer satisfaction
Check Guarantee ensures payment
  1. Paper checks are accepted in person at the point of sale.
  2. Check information is entered into terminal to obtain approval.
  3. Terminal runs verification and authorization process.
  4. Authorization code is written on check and manually deposited at bank.
  5. If authorized check is returned unpaid, funding is guaranteed through processor.


Benefits of Paper Guarantee

Check Guarantee. Check Guarantee virtually eliminates the risk of accepting bad checks. Verified checks are guaranteed for reimbursement, thus assuring that each check is paid. This helps to greatly improve cash flow and eliminate collection operations. Merchants have peace of mind knowing funds are guaranteed by the processor.

Online Reporting. The online reporting allows complete transaction tracking with features such as account reconciliation and transaction history. Merchants will appreciate the free, comprehensive customer service and technical support provided by the check processor.

Equipment Flexibility. Service can be programmed into almost any existing credit card terminal. A check reader device may be connected to the terminal, or check information can simply be keyed in manually. Multiple virtual terminals and payment gateways are also supported.