Check 21

Check 21

The future of check payments is here. Accept any type of check, in a point of sale or consumer-not-present environment. Electronic deposit lets you skip the trip to the bank.

What is Check 21+ Remote Check Deposit?

Check 21 is referred to as Remote Deposit Capture because an image of a check is captured and used in place of the original document.
This means of electronic check processing facilitates faster funding on a wider variety of checks and with fewer restrictions than ACH. This flexibility makes Remote Deposit Capture ideal for many sales environments. Checks can be accepted at the Point of Sale or when the consumer is not present.
Check 21+ is a versatile payment option that fits the needs of many different merchants. Welcome to the future of check processing!

Cash Payroll checks for customers

Payroll Cashing Transaction Guidelines


  • Checks must be drawn on a valid corporate/business payroll account.
    Non-eligible checks include:

    • 3rd Party (person presenting check is not who it is made out to.
    • Personal
    • Payable to “cash”
  • Checks must be pre-printed and contain the address of the business on the face of the check.
  • Check must be endorsed BEFORE scanning the image.
  • The work phone number of the person cashing the check must be written legibly on the face of the check prior to the check being scanned.
  • Drivers License information and photo must match person presenting check and to whom check is made out.
  • Payee must be the same person attempting to cash the check.
  • All payroll checks must be processed using the PAYROLL or BUSINESS CHECK option on the terminal.
  • Payroll checks must be processed using TID# supplied for Payroll Check Cashing.
  • Customer’s fingerprint must be on front of check in a clear area prior to scanning (inkless pad provided to merchants).